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Episode 40-Ultimate Adventure With Derek Lasini

Derek wraps up Ultimate Adventure with a long drive home, stopping just long enough to give us the inside scoop on how awesome his week was! Ians steering is still trash and steve is ordering more parts for Low_Kee.

Beer of the Week, Tailgate Brewery Peanut Butter Milk Stout


Episode 39-Buggy Inspection Program

Ian is still fighting steering issues in the Dime Piece Buggy,  Complete OffRoad delivers Steve's axles with the zip lockers installed, we drink motor oil, and the recorder is tired of listening to us. 
Beer of the week: Nu Troll Stout. Collaboration with Tryptich Brewing & Riverlands Brewing


Episode 38-Best Off-Road Park In The World

Ian is back from the 2020 Outlaw Off-Road Racing series finals at MidAmerica Outdoors in Jay Oklahoma. The park is top notch, the staff is amazing, and the racing was outstanding. Full race recap, full park review, and a couple rants and side tangents.

Beer of the week: Hop & Sting Brewing Co. 3113 Octoberfest Lager


Episode 37-Buschhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

We kick off this episode with some Black Rifle Coffee, discuss Steve's trip to Complete Off-Road. We learn that Ian can’t use a tape measure.   Then we finally enjoy some Busch Apple!

Beer of the week Busch Light Apple


Episode 36-Jack Stand Support Group

We start off with wheel adapters, a few listener call outs, candy, The Big Winner, and finish up with some event info for the Outlaw Off-Road Racing Series. Top it off with beer and nuggets, and you have possibly the best podcast episode EVER!!!

Beer: Angry Redhead Red Ale from Mayday Brewing


Episode 35-The World May Never Know

We take a road trip to Nashville TN and met Porkchop_xj (Brad) to pick up some 40s for lowkee. We then headed to at Lil Stickys Garage to check out the Llamazeen and hang out with Pat & Amy from BleepinStickyKids.

We discuss the need of a sway bar when running coilovers.

Beer: Pabst Blue Ribbon Hard Coffee


Episode 34-It Finally Happened

RC Fest was a blast and Ian finally drove the Dime Piece Buggy!!!! We got to meet Rick and Fred of Crawler Offroad. The weekend was a huge success even with some small issues. Steve got new storage in the shine van so he can make money for more jeep parts. 

Beer: Nitro Merlin from Firestone-Walker Brewing 


Episode 33-Hold Our Beer

Ian is making big progress on the Dime Piece Buggy. RC Fest is this weekend in Tolono Illinois, be there!  
Steve got his new computer and gives us a quick rundown of the specs on it.
Then we go into craft beer rant that leads to a huge knowledge drop about beer...
Beer of the week (Tiger Rings) By Little Beaver Brewing


Episode 32-Wolff Fab Works

This week we have Josh Wolff join us in studio to talk about Wolff Fab Works. Get the latest updates on the Dime Piece Buggy.  Is there a future Total Offroad Podcast comp crawler build in the works? You don’t want to miss all the inside info.
Little Big Hop from 2nd Shift Brewing, St. Louis Missouri.


Episode 31-Trail Hero with Rich Klein

We're joined by Rich Klein to talk about Trail Hero! Join us as we dive into a bit of Rich's deep history in competitive rock crawling and learn more about what brought together Trail Hero   
Beer is back, and this week it's Little Beaver Brewing, Pop-A-Skool!


Episode 30-The Last Ride

We discuss icecream, Racelines, gussets, and a LOT of LS Tech. The Donut had a bad encounter with a tree. RIP


Episode 29-Time For Something Different

Recap of the wheeling trip with the Donut, Steve used the MORR Flate and offers a full review. Ian is getting close to making engine noises. We recorded this in the morning so no beer this week instead we had to have a couple coffees instead.


Episode 28-Ian Goes Outlaw

Ian and Jake go to Flat Nasty Offroad Park in Jadwin Missouri to meet up with Shelby St. Claire and the rest of the Outlaw Offroad Racing Series team to work recovery at the event!
Ian gets a high viz vest and a headset. He also goes full fan girl when he gets to help a certain someone with their recovery on the hill.


Episode 27-What Broke Now?

We cover an awesome new product from Rogue Fabrication that will change the game in tube notching. Also dive into some progress on Low_Kee_XJ and update the progress on the Dime Piece Buggy. Relive some old stories of broken bones and dumb ideas with some other tech stuffed in to make it legit.


Episode 26-Let's Talk Offroad

We're coming in hot on this episode. We got the brand new Moose-Knuckle Shackle in the mail and we're sharing our thoughts. Then we are giving away a set of Savior Protected LED saftey lights. We talk to Chad Bartley (owner) of Hired Gun Off-Road. 


Episode 25--I Broke The Donut

We got a M.O.R.R Flate in the mail, Bleeping Sticky Kids sent Owen a onesie (thank you Amy), we talk about the Tradesman Experience Podcast, and Steve breaks the KJ. Which then tuned out to be a wet computer and water logged coil pack.


Episode 24-Tight Budget Rig

Ian finally sprays Raptor Liner, Shelby St.Claire is on the phone to discuss Outlaw Offroad Racing Series race at Mid America and their upcoming race at Flat Nasty in Jadwin Mo. 
We also discuss our ideal tight budget entry rigs to help people realize that you can get into this hobby for a small investment as long as you spend money in the right places.


Episode 23-No Shitty Offroad Parks

Any offroad park is better than no park! Harbor freight jack stand fail! Live rapid question segment. 
Drinking a Distorter Porter from Greenbush Brewing. MI.


Episode 22-There's No Perfect Setup

The coil over bible has Ian at a loss, as it turns out there is no perfect setup. More parts have been ordered and progress should hopefully ramping up to get both rigs on the trails soon.


Episode 21-Put The Bird Out

Ian makes progress on the Dime Piece Buggy and is waiting on shock tabs. Steve has a baby and has low_kee in pieces.


Special Edition-The Babysode

Celebrating Steve's newest addition to the family.


Episode 20-Overland Diesel XJ

Who’s interested in a diesel swapped Xj built to overland? 
Adam Schalow of Overland History joins us to talk about his overland adventures with his Mercedes diesel swapped XJ!


Episode 19-Raptor Liner The World

We discuss, Raptor Liner, spools, tire hoarding, and hard liquor!


Episode 18-Bleepin Sticky Kids

We are joined by Pat, Big Sticky, Pollifrone in the phone. He shares how he caught the offroad bug, how he used his music career to further his offroad fun and all the details about his new project, The Llamazeen!


Episode 17-Discounts or Bust

We mix up the show sequence, Ian gives you 10% off shirts, Steve needs some tires but still hasn't bought a spool!


Episode 16-Hell Crawler

Were on a roll spending everyone else's money but we do it all out of love! Not to mention we have some badass ideas to make the rock crawling world awesome.


Episode 15-Buy That Spool

Some good garage talk this week, paired with good beer, all the reasons for a spool, some metal strength info and more random topics that will keep your mind off the world coming to an end.


Episode 14-MischiefMaker Hollie

Ian has done sheet metal work, Low Kee is broken and we get to talk to a rising star in the off-road industry. She was at SEMA, has been on many off-road adventures. Currently working on Women Wheelers, with the goal to bring more women into the off-road community. Owner of @MischiefMakerJKU, Hollie Fowler!


Episode 13-Outlaw Offroad & NAXJA Wheeling

We went wheelin! We joined the NAXJA Midwest Club for their 20th annual Winterfest and ultimately broke Low_Kee. 

Kevin Taylor of the Outlaw Offroad Racing Series is our phone guest and gives us all the info on their racing series and upcoming events.

Mike Wolf is in the studio and brought us some delicious beer. 


Episode 12-Crawler Offroad

We talk with the guys from Crawler Offroad about everything synthetic recovery gear we can think of. Some awesome product knowledge and maintenance tips for your synthetic recovery gear. Ian making progress on the Dime Piece Buggy while Steve puts some finishing touches on Low Kee


Episode 11-Busted Knuckle Offroad

Jake Burkey joins us on the phone and we talk 14 bolts, business, and suspension. 
Announcing a new partner! Crawler Offroad  Make sure you check out their awesome recovery products today.


Episode 10-Low Kee Win

Low Kee goes wheeling!!! After a complete disaster in the morning, everything started to come together at the Badlands Offroad Park in Attica Indiana.
Swag Packs are launched with more giveaways than you can handle.


Episode 9-VooDoo Child

We call Shelby Scott St.Claire of Quitcha Bitchin Racing as he makes his way home from KOH 2020.  Shelby tells us about his first time at KOH and how his buggy, VooDoo Child,  did in the shoot out.


Episode 8-Time To Call A Lawyer

Totally off the cuff, and off the rails. Ian tells us about his progress on the Dime Piece Buggy, Steve give's an update on Low Kee and the upcoming wheeling trip.


Episode 7-Son Of A Car Dealer

Southern Rock Racing Series competitor Matthew Holt joins us in studio. Starting with his back story and how he got started in offroad and competitive racing. Then we discuss his upcoming roles at KOH 2020!


Episode 6-Lock It Up

Ian and Steve tell us whats been going on for the last week and then talk anything and everything about lockers. Front, rear, both? 


Episode 5-Dude Where's My Truck

Today we have Shane Noss and Matt Hayes, two good friends that are ride or die spotters and camera operators on the trail. Listen in as Shane tells us about his career and how one day his truck came up missing.


Episode 4-Low Kee Fail

From working late into the night on New Years Eve trying to get Low_Kee ready for the hangover run, to a complete loss on new years day. Tune in to hear the details as the guys talk about their adventure and how the day unraveled.


Episode 3-Derek Stops By For A Chat

Derek Lasini stops by on his way home from Christmas with his family to join us and discus his truck, SAS1, and all the upgrades he has done to it.


Episode 2-Steve's Introduction

From fresh out of highschool and not knowing a thing about offroad, meeting new friends, buying a jeep, and the many phases of that jeep. In this episode we learn about Steve and his experiences in off-roading.


Episode 1-Ian's Introduction

In this episode we talk about how Ian got bit by the offroad bug, and how it has sent him spiraling down a path to the Dime Piece Buggy that he is currently building.


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