C.O.R.E Swag Pack

C.O.R.E Swag Pack


This Swag pack is not just limited offer merch, but also your opportunity to win a Golden Ticket to attend the Complete Off-road Experience in Dubuque Iowa.

We're you will spend 4 days wheeling and camping with friends on private land.


A.K.A The Complete and Total Off-road Number One Good Time Extravaganza (C.A.T.O.R.N.O.G.T.E)


This swag pack is a Pre-Order and will close July 31st.

The orders will then be processed and shipped out once all the items arrive.


In this there will be 2 golden tickets available. Once all the orders are packaged we will slip a golden ticket in to 2 random bags and ship them out.


The event is scheduled for September 29th - October 2nd so if you're buying thus limited run swag pack I'd start getting your rig together, because you're not going to want to miss this opportunity.

  • Colors available

    We're offering 5 colors of shirt this time. last time we had some complaints about the black shirts so this time you can order your shirt in Red, White, Blue, Black, And Heathered Grey